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Wrong Napbree.

Quote:[Mar 07 15:10] <The messiah1> Good evening my children
[Mar 07 15:11] <The messiah1> How are you all?
[Mar 07 15:11] <The messiah1> look what happens when i am banned! The whole forum falls apart. One of the reasons i was banned was for "tearing the community apart" I am pretty sure yuna software and it's dodgy reps ripped this place apart. BUT it's ok, THE MESSIAH IS RETURNING!!!!!! This is how things go, the messiah dies for his children and returns when they are in trouble!
[Mar 07 15:12] <The messiah1> It wont be long now till the messiah comes and restores peace to this place!
[Mar 07 15:13] <The messiah1> Ramberlings of the mildy insane.
[Mar 07 15:14] <The messiah1> This has been my community announcement. EVERYONE GO TO THE HILL TOPS AND SHOUT THE PRAISES OF MY RETURN! THE KING IS RETURNING TO HIS THRONE!
[Mar 07 15:17] <The messiah1> Now for the half time entertainment!
[Mar 07 15:18] * The messiah1 grabs a mic and starts dancing
[Mar 07 15:18] <The messiah1> War, huh, yeah, What is it good for, Absolutely nothing, Uh-huh, Absolutely nothing, Say it again, y'all
[Mar 07 15:19] <The messiah1> Ohhh, war, I despise, Because it means destruction Of innocent lives. War means tears, To thousands of mothers eyes, When their sons go to fight, And lose their lives.
[Mar 07 15:20] <The messiah1> I said, war, huh, Good God, y'all What is it good for, Absolutely nothing! Say it again. War, whoa, Lord, What is it good for, Absolutely nothing. Listen to me.
[Mar 07 20:16] * Joa slaps discrate around a bit with a large trout.
[Mar 07 21:23] <pollolibredegrasa> He's not the messiah!
[Mar 07 21:23] <vaccination> He's a very naughty boy!
[Mar 07 21:23] <pollolibredegrasa>

That's the extent of yesterdays shouts. The shoutbox is hardly used and certainly not used for anything useful. It's rubbish.
You're vieing the Guest shoutbox, the shoutbox that only guests are allowed to post in. In the member section (Top right you'll see the buttons) it has the following:

Quote:[22:40] <Toxn> I have the need to customize...
[22:40] <Toxn> Devianart is no use :\
[22:58] <andrey> Quote: <WDZ> if you had a car with big subwoofers, would you drive around listening to that? >>> Smilie i guess i would :o and while waiting for the green light, i'd probably headbang to that song very wildly
[22:58] <andrey> :p
[23:00] <wacky> I'm going to the States in May. I hope I won't run into too many morons :/
[23:02] <WDZ> don't go too far south... stay close to Canada (y)
[23:02] <WDZ> (a)
[23:03] <andrey> and if you're somewhere around michigan, just follow the squirrels :p
[23:03] <wacky> going to Maryland.. I've only driven through Maryland before and that was over 10 years ago. How's that state?
[23:03] <WDZ> Smilie
[23:03] <wacky> will the squirrels lead me to DZ? Tongue
[23:04] <andrey> yep :p
[23:05] <wacky> lol well I won't be going that way so DZ is safe Big Grin
[23:06] <WDZ> Maryland? where's that? :zippy: j/k, but I don't have any travel advice to give =p
[23:06] <WDZ> the squirrels might instead lead you to a bird feeder 8-)
[23:09] <wacky> ah ok Tongue I've been to New Jersey a few times and I remember what it's like there a bit. Nice beaches :happy: so I'm guessing Maryland will have some nice ones too. Been ages since I've seen a warm beach Tongue just don't know if I'll have time to go lol.. just going for a music festival
[23:10] <wacky> freaking seaguls are out these days :dodgy:
[23:11] <andrey> rofl patchou pid=989913 :p
[23:16] <wacky> andrey, how far is Wacken from where you live?:banana:
[23:16] <Toxn> Quote: <andrey> rofl patchou pid=989913 :p >>> that is amazing.

So no, actually your wrong Smile

That's just the first page, as you see it is used fairly well. Especially if you look at the rest of the days chat.

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