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Canonical v1.0
thanks a lot for a superb plugin
thank you!!!
Does this work in concert with SEF URL's?
Yes it does. It's working here for an example. It will also work with the Google SEO plugin just fine.
Thank you mate, works properly.
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Is it fine to use this plugin with Google SEO Plugin by Andreas Klauer

Actually at times, this plugin generate URL's like this:


As you can see that it appends ?pid=1346#1346 to the end of the URL (here 1346 appears two times...)

Do u see any benefit of using your plugin along with this (Google SEO) plugin...
@swordfish 2 posts up.
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(May 06, 2009, 02:21 AM)DAMINK Wrote: @swordfish 2 posts up.

@DAMINK, i doubted this would work with Google SEO Plugin, but still i installed and gave it a shot... but it does'nt seem to make any changes... MyBB's default SEO Url's are different than the Url's generated by Google SEO plugin

Instead of
I would have appreciated something like;

anyways, since that plugin was developed by some other developer... i would not ask for it's supoort here... i was just curious to see if Canonical, in any way could fit with that plugin.
thanks for the plugin
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I am gonna use this plugin.


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