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Changing host. Urgent!
Lately I was using a free hosting to host my forum. My host blocked my account without any notice. I have back up of following:
1. Back up of root directory - March-20-2009
2. Mysql data - March-23-2009

Now I have purchased a paid hosting and a new url too. I want to host my forum from new url. I want my forum back as it was on 23-march-2009. Is it possible? If yes please tell me how should I go about it.
Upload your files, create a database, and install MyBB on the new host. Doing this will just setup ./inc/config.php for you. Then go into phpMyAdmin in your new host, and drop all of the (empty) MyBB tables that the installer created. Upload your backup, and everything should show up. However, you'll need to change the URL settings too. Once you've made sure your new URL is pointing to your server by changing the name servers and adding it to your account, making sure it's pointing to your file root (may need to ask your hot how to do that), you'll need to edit ./inc/settings.php. You'll have to do it here because you won't be able to get to the ACP to do it. You need to change the Board URL setting, Cookie Domain, and Cookie Path, all in ./inc/settings.php, and then go to the MyBB ACP and make all 3 of those changes again in ACP > Configuration > General Configuration.

Think that's everything...
If I install mybb from starting on new server and then install all the plugins that I was using on old server replace 'uploads' folder with previous one and then connect it to my old mysql database backup that I will upload to new server. Will this help?
Not totally sure what you're asking here but you said you had a backup of your files, so just use that, not really sure what you mean about installing plugins and replacing the uploads folder... you should have them already.
Actually I really know noting about php so cannot make changes as you told in first reply. It would be easy for me if I can install a fresh mybb forum on my new host and then replace needed folders and files with previous one(from back up of my previous forum) and then restore my mysql data base. Will it work?
You don't need to know PHP, it's in normal English.

PHP Code:
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/forums/";
$settings['bburl'] = ""

That's all it is, you just need to change the values.
I will surly try. Let's see if I can do it or not Big Grin. I appreciate your help. Thanks! If I mess up anything I will surly come back to bug u again Big Grin
My all threads and users are back but I am having a trouble, when I cannot login as a user. It shows 'You have successfully been logged in.' and takes me back to main page of forum but does not show me as loged in I can't see USerCP option. Please help!
Yes, that's where you need to update the cookie settings in settings.php to what they need to be now.
(Mar 25, 2009, 10:54 AM)MattR Wrote: Yes, that's where you need to update the cookie settings in settings.php to what they need to be now.

Hi, I have already updated my cookie path, domain name (as I have registered new one) in settings.php in inc folder. Is there any thing else that needs to be updated? Does it have anything to do with mysql?

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