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Ficons v2.1 (forum icons)
hello, what's this "2. Chmod the uploads/ficons folder 777."????.. I'm confused, guide me please.
hello, I can't upload a image.. what is the right extension? I got error wrong file type.
i can`t upload too,i have the same error
we need answers here please.
chmod the uploads/ficons/ folder to 777.
This plugin has always worked great. Make sure to read ALL of the instructions, not just the uploads.
(Jun 13, 2010, 04:09 PM)labrocca Wrote: chmod the uploads/ficons/ folder to 777.

i did this but don`t work
Are you sure about that? Can you upload avatars? If you're getting an error uploading a ficon it's because you have folder permissions wrong. You need to open FTP or your hosting control panel and CHMOD (change permissions) of the folder to 777. Also the "uploads" folder must be 777 but that's part of MyBB requirements so it's assumed you have done that during install of mybb.
i will reinstall mybb,if don`t work then i will post here image
That's overkill. If you don't know how to set things up doing it twice won't help.

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