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Ficons v2.1 (forum icons)
Well yes is possible.

Try inserting this code in your forum description for example:
<img src="uploads/ficons/{$forum['ficon']}" alt="{$forum['name']}" />

Or use the absolute route with http.
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You mean in a template or in the forumtittle by creating forum.
If it is in a template where do I do this.
That will only work if the $forum variable is set and if the query is "Select *".

You can try it though. I looked at code and at first glance that didn't appear like it would work.
Well I tried several things with the code

PHP Code:
<img src="uploads/ficons/{$forum['ficon']}alt="{$forum['name']}/> 

But everywhere I add it I get the red cross (image not found).

Giving the forumtittle the image from the flag was the best solution.

PHP Code:
<img src="" border="0" The Kelly Family 

But somehow that is also not possible as I told somewhere else, the place where the forum icon will come gives

The Kelly Family " />

SO maybe I am gonna delete the nice plugin.

I understand that I allways have stupid questions and that plugins are made for more universal forums but I allways try to give my forum some things that users like.
¿How can I define a icon size limit (pixels) for All?

This because Im using some ficons more larger than others and looks a little bad.
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Just add statis height/width parameters to the img tag.

Realistically for optimal results you should redo all your ficons to match and optimize them for size before uploading them.
Me again with a stupid question.

1. How to delete a forum icon??

2. Is it possible to add the icon in the forum tittle, so you get a kind of banner. example in attachment

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Yes. Just use the alternative instructions. Then place the code where you need it.
alternative instructions?????
(Sep 01, 2009, 02:33 PM)spinning Wrote: alternative instructions?????

Use the same instructions but apply it in any place of the template where you want to show the ficon.
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