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Ficons v2.1 (forum icons)
Yeah I can't really help for custom themes beyond the already posted information which should help you enough to fix this.

All the templates that need edited are listed above unless of course the theme changes the name or it uses it's own setup either way I can't guess at your problems. You will have to figure out what colspan changes will be needed yourself. Sorry and goodluck. I ask that you don't fill this thread up more with this problem as I am attempting to keep the support thread clean.
labrocca, can we set the image by link (so uploaded on imageshack for example) and not uploaded on the domain? because all images require bandwidth and my site have low bandwidth.
Yes...I have done so at my own

Just edit the actual html in the template to point to

Then upload FTP the same ficons to folder.

It's fairly easy. In admincp you can still set them and upload them but then also go and FTP them to mirror.

I hope that explains it well enough.
What template i must edit?
All the template edits are listed on the first post.
Yes. Thank You for this Great Plugin Labrocca
I'm using the afresh black theme and i just did the little template edits that were listed on the first post and it's working.
I get this error:

The sections that have shifted to the left are set as categories, when I change them to forums they are fine.

Whats wrong?
I solved it via your help on Post 1, I needed one more edit Smile
Thanks very much this is one of the best mods and for sure adds a nice touch to forum boards fantastic share
What is the style of thes images called ???
[Image: _active__help.png]
lol sorry Tongue silly me icons Sad
I can't even remember it's been so long. I have a folder with literally thousands of icons. It may be something I got from iconbuffet (see footer).

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