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Ficons v2.1 (forum icons)

Hey lab, you know how I can fix this? It appears that the Arcade is in the "icon" column...
From memory the template changes don't completely work in Afresh, I'm quite sure steps to fix it are either in this thread or the other Ficons thread.
Freaking aFresh. I looked at his templates and so many are totally rewritten. He should imho redo them again to be more default friendly. They don't have to be as convoluted as he made them.
So.... What's the solution menz!
Have you definitely followed the help instructions on the first post?
I only want to have the forum icons on the first page so I changed


But also the subforum page is rebuild

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That won't work as the forum bits use the same header.
Good! Very nice!
Thanks for this, It was really helpful.
If I use more than One Theme, Have to make the template changes on the other themes?
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