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Experiencing Error With A Plugin (Not a plugin from this site though)
The plugin is from here:

and the following is the error I recieve when i activate it:

Any ideas here? Maybe I just put the files in the wrgon spot :|
I wouldn't run that script. As for why it doesn't could be a lot of reasons.

Quote: Failed opening '/home/psinetic/public_html/science/injection_scanner/scan.php' for inclusion

Is that file there? Did you upload the script properly?
No he uploaded it wrong. I just fixed ill activate the plugin now
Quote:The selected plugin has been activated successfully.

Btw it fucked the mysql database up. deactivated its fine now
go figure....i'm so new at this XD

i don't need that plugin anyhows. thanks willox, don't know what i would do without u XD
That will not work out very well because the server can ban you because the server having error's
What exactly was the point in bringing back an obviously dead thread?

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