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Need help in creating own MyCodes
In not good in php so i need to ask u guyz if u can help me out with this request.

after the spoiler-myCode by labrocca i just edited some myCodes to test them; i could even use JavaScripts Big Grin
But now i'd like to know more about the strings i can put into my myCodes.

<a href="#" class="spoiler">Spoiler: <span>$1</span></a>
the $1 is the string givin from the myCode:

Now, what i have to do if i want to implement more strings?
Like this example here:
and now the replacement:
<font color=text1 face=text2 size=text3> text4 </font>

what i have to do here?
which function does have the " (.*?) " in this syntax?

further more i want to ask one more thing:
i want to check if one or more expressions like the $1,2,3,... ones are existing or not?
This is because i want to add one more expression to my ticker-code, if im writing:
[ticker=(.*?)](.*?) ....
it works fine, i just write [ticker=300]my text[/ticker]
and the output is a ticker with 300px width.
But when i delete the "=300" ([ticker]mytext[/ticker]) it wont work....

so i need to check if this value exists, and when not, i have to write some other text... Big Grin

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