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Freenode pjirc Chat
If you downloaded the version I attached, you shouldn't be getting that error anymore. It works fine on my forum, and several other people here have used it with success. Are you going into ACP and adding a channel name?
judel,i am using your own plugin but the problem is that it is not connection.i tried channel name like this binghamdesk and also like this #binghamdesk but it is not connecting.what shoud i do next?
here is the site that i placed have sent u my credentials s dat u can chec it out for me
OK, I logged in and checked. Your ACP settings are OK. I then tried the chat as both a guest and as admin, and I had no problem getting into the chat. I was able to access it and type comments. Maybe it's your browser??
i wouldtry it out and see again.thanx though...
it is still not working in my house and someother cybercafe i tried.please anyother way out?
Are you clicking "run" when you see the authorization screen?

edit: I just tried again as a guest. Here are some screenshots:

Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Less than 1 minute ago" />   

I would say it's because you're in a different country, but I have a bunch of international members, and none of them have had problems accessing the chat.
i can see the screen shot but it surprises me here it dont work.any way of changing the server as from frrenode to another server?it might just work...
What do you think you could change it to? Freenode is the server for this plugin.
ok thanks i would just leave it likethat for now since the site is still underconstruction.thanx

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