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Freenode pjirc Chat
thanks dude ...
I am looking forward to trying out this Plugin! I hope my limit abilities will allow me to install and run it with no difficulties.
It is better than web developers. it is very nice php chat room.
Well, I didn't like this not working, so I did a bit of research and fixed the plugin. I've attached it, so you won't need to do it too. Big Grin

.php   Less than 1 minute ago">pjirc_mybb.php (Size: 6.42 KB / Downloads: 23)
going to try this on my forum after I get enough posts
I uploaded the files to the main forum directory and its not showing it as a pugin I can active.

any ideas?

I have the newest version of mybb
The main forum directory or the inc/plugins directory???
ok now I can active it, but I am stuck on step 3

"3. In admincp settings under Freenode PJIRC enter a channel name (can be anything you make up)."

I can't find where to do that under admincp.

The chat icon is on my forum, but if I click on it I get "Please select a channel for connection.", but their aren't any channels to pick from.

mybb version 1.2.12
Go into the AdminCP and look under Change -> Freenode PJIRC. Just enter whatever word you want in the box next to "enter the name of your channel". You should be able to then connect.
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