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[r4] Tag Cloud v1.2
Neither do i have a clue what the error means =P
Can you view the same page in Fx ? And check the Error Console for a lil more information ?
Or doesn't that error involve with the TagCloud plugin ?
Cause normally it shouldn't, there's no onload jscript action on forumdisplay.php
ok i think the problem is where the brackets are it uses an extra line compared to the last post, if you look closely there not sequencing on the same line, any ideas on how i can fix this as the {tage = picture} is using 1 line more to the opposite side of the user who posted Cool


In firefox there aint no errors, but most people on the net are unfortunetly using Internet Explorer
That can't be fixed ? =P
Column with [Tags : .. ] is 3 lines; the lastpost column 2lines ...
I can't magically squeeze 3lines into 2 or you need to remove the <br /> , but then its right after the Thread Author.

And i don't see why that should or even can cause a jscript error =P
[Sat May 02 12:29:15 2009] [error] [client < -- my ip] File does not exist: root/tags, referer: http://mydomain/tags/picture
[Sat May 02 12:29:22 2009] [error] [client <-- my ip] File does not exist: root/tags, referer: http://mydomain/tags/picture
[Sat May 02 15:28:22 2009] [error] [client <-- my ip] File does not exist: root/favicon.ico
[Sat May 02 15:47:16 2009] [error] [client <-- my ip] File does not exist: root/tags, referer: http://mydomain/tags/skunks

this is what is in the apache error logs, hope this helps
Neither that causes a jscript error =/
You're using .htaccess on your localhost ?
Are all your apache settings correct ?
actually Lex i appolagize but now i think it has something to do with MyBB cause i deleted everything and reinstalled Mybb alone and got that error, so thanks for helping but it was not this plugin causing the error on Internet Explorer

thanks Lex for trying to help
Lex I love you Smile
I re-downloaded this Tag Mod and voila its got an extra option to place the cloud on index, man your good !!!
I think i found a bug possibly ....

Index is clutered ....


Inside forum is parsed out properly so far ...

i got that issue too and guess what? i know the source of that issue =) here it is:

open the tc.php and find sep_count under the tc_index function its default is 4 so it gives <br /> after 4th tag. if you use higher sep_count it will be show more tags on same line. but this is just a temporary fix and if your tags will be long than the tag cloud table will goes to out of page from right side and its not a cool view. so we have to wait for LeX- to make a real solution
Think i found a solution =P
Some magical HTML <wbr> ^^ (Tested in IE && Fx)

Reupload ./inc/plugins/tc.php

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