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Community Gamer
[Image: logo.png] - Become a member!

Community Gamer is as you may have gathered a gaming community. We are slowly growing, and getting more and more features for our community to use. Here are some main features of the Community...
  • Friendly environment on the Forums
  • 6 Game Servers for you to play on [ Thanks to our two sponsors ]
  • cGamer FM [ Our Radio ]
  • Free web hosting services [ We host your website ]
  • We get the community involved!

Friendly environment on the Forums

Our forums are regularly moderated, and we are trying our best to post content there for you to read. We also have the Gaming and Tech blog section, which is the forum which has its posts push through to the portal page. The forums have been made to be as pleasing on the eye as possible, and as enjoyable as possible for the user. You can also take advantage of the Arcade system... and the list just goes on. We are just crying out for more activity!

6 Game Servers for you to play on

We have only just recently had two companies who have very kindly been able to work out a deal why they are ok BOTH providing our community with game servers! We just hope you like playing Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source, Garrys Mod, and Counter Strike: Condition Zero!

The companies who are sponsoring Community Gamer are PlugPayPlay and Lazery Attack. Together we now have 6 games servers! Here they are...

[Image: pppside.png] [Image: sidela.png]

These are the servers by PlugPayPlay

Team Fortress 2 #1 - [ Payload - HLstatsX - RMF Abilities - VIP Membership ]
Team Fortress 2 #2 - [ Multi MOD - Fast Downloads - HLstatsX - VIP Membership ]
Counter Strike: Source - [ Mini Games Madness - Fast Downloads - VIP Membership ]
Garrys Mod - [ UNSURE AT THE MOMENT - VIP Membership ]

These are the servers by Lazery Attack

Team Fortress 2 Server #3 - [ 24 /7 Mario Kart - RMF Abilities ]
Counter Strike: Condition Zero - [ Custom Maps - Fast Downloads - VIP Membership ]

cGamer FM

The radio has not been our strongest feature in the community. About 6 months ago it was on-line, but our host starting having family problems, and sadly had to stop not just the Radio services, but all his services.. However he is back on-line now. He provided me with a VPS to host the radio on, and use a Control Panel called Gamecreate. This was fine for a few weeks, but as the cpanel is not self hosted, we just fell in to a load of problems, so yet again it was offline. However now, as I am typing my host is hard as work setting up new services, and getting a very smart control panel sorted. I shall update this post and make announcement on the Community when this is back on-line!

Free web hosting services

This is yet another service my web host has provided me, where by we can now provide REAL (Not that horrible free fake web hosting) hosting with Cpanel 11, with basically everything you would expect from some big hosting company. Only thing is, we provide this to people who apply for it.. FREE. We however mainly look to "host" a community that is either a gaming clan, group, or team. For more information on this, visit the website.

We get the community involved!

Where ever possible, we get community members involved in decision making, events, and allowing posts for the Blog to be submitted. We are also looking for regular, active members, of who we are looking for people to help within the community, plus we will also be looking for Game server regulars who will be able to become admins!

Lets round this up, before we all fall asleep Big Grin

So as you can see, we have quiet a few things for our members, and new members to do, however we do not have much to show for it as of yet.. We would love for anyone to sign up, as the forums are crying out for some activity!

I would like to thank my web host ShackServers for providing me with Web Hosting, Reseller, and a VPS, plus instant support, and to thank both my sponsors PlugPayPlay and Lazery Attack for incredibly reliable game servers, and again, amazing support from both.

You can find Community Gamer at the following:

[ Website ]
[ Steam Group ]
[ Facebook Group ]
[ Twitter ]
[ Youtube ] [ This is my own account, so expect random things too! ]
[ Xfire ]
[ Flickr ]

Thanks for reading if you managed to get this far ;D
Rob @ cGamer
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]
Anyone want to comment Sad

Im improving the forums all the time, there have been huge improvements since i got my subscription here! Big Grin
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]
After running in to hosting problems, we no longer have a radio, however a mate I have known for a while now has managed to re host my website for me, plus provide a huge server which loads of game servers can be hosted on, plus he has his own TF2 game servers!

We are also now sponsored by who have provided us with a 30 slot server (Deathmatch) and a match server as we have a core 5 which is now in the ED open ladder.

For more information sign up to the forums and browse the website!

We are looking for admins for the TF2 servers, and maybe more servers as they are created! You will see the links easily when you get on the site. Make sure you sign up to the forums!
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]
Good looking forums. I just don't like the home page.
your forum have the foundation. the only i suggest is the background image on forums. it would be better if you change it to darker color so that forum boards will be the focus of users as the current image is very bright.

btw which shoutbox plugin are you using?
nice forum...
(Mar 08, 2010, 06:33 PM)MindFreak Wrote: Good looking forums. I just don't like the home page.

What dont you like about it? Is this the first page you come to at ?

(Mar 08, 2010, 07:54 PM)saintsinner Wrote: your forum have the foundation. the only i suggest is the background image on forums. it would be better if you change it to darker color so that forum boards will be the focus of users as the current image is very bright.

btw which shoutbox plugin are you using?

Yeah at first I thought myself it was very bright, I just just taking colours from the Blog. I may use some of the darker grey colours. Iv noticed it kind of makes your eyes go 0.o.

I am using SpiceFuse Shoutbox (1.1 Beta 1) Created by Asad Khan

(Mar 09, 2010, 07:15 AM)mini Wrote: nice forum...

Cheers Big Grin
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]
Good looking forum, I just am not a fan of ALOT of forums, especially when there are not that many members.
Yeah not many members at the moment. We have a big community going on steam, but getting them to join the forums is a bit difficult. Some people just don't really want to use forums any more. Sad
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]
Yet again more updates. I have started using the ProPortal plugin, and have got rid of the wordpress blog altogether, using the forums as a means of posting. The blog posts get pulled into the portal page now.

We also have a change with our gaming servers.

cGamer CSS | Mini Games [30man] | 24/7 DUST2 [40man]

cGamer TF2 | Pay Load [32man] | CTF Race [32man]
Big Grin
[Image: cgamer2]

[Image: cgforumsig.png]

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