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Found a Bug at Default Messages 1.0

Ive just found a bug at Default Message 1.0 Plugin by labrocca.
Well i updated my forum the latest myBB 1.4.5

And what ive seen is:

First image is When i uninstall the plugin.
Second image is When i add a Default Message to a forum.

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Are you mysql?

I don't see why you would have this error. I have this installed on my sites okay.

Can you run this in phpmyadmin please?

ALTER TABLE mybb_forums ADD defaultmessage TEXT NULL AFTER defaultsortorder;

Tell me what it says.

And in the future please post support or problems from a plugin in the release/support thread of that plugin.
Yeah its fine when installing but when activating or inserting the message the error came up.
Hold on il check it.

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