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[r4] Thread Prefixes
it works fine as it is; only 'older' threads (before you uploaded the new file) which have a prefix won't show it anymore unless you edit it like you said before.

There is a way to update all old threads; but if you want it; i'm gonna write it tonight.

Try this file; it should update all threads which have a prefix.
It first searches for all threads with a prefix; than strips it out and adds it again ... why ? Cause i can't determ whether its an old or new thread.
And also it would cause duplicate prefixes in the threadsubjects.
Just upload into your pluginsfolder and activate.

Attached Files
.php   tprefix_update_new.php (Size: 2.33 KB / Downloads: 9)
new problem here.

when the plugin is activated, i can not change the title of a thread.
when deactivate it, it works.
You see when you ask to change the way it works ... you create more problems =P
Gonna look at it tomorrow.

Reupload ./inc/plugins/tprefix.php
(Apr 30, 2009, 02:32 PM)LeX- Wrote: I don't have that version anymore, so don't know =P
Why do you want that version ?

I have so I'll send you Smile
In v3.0 prefix was in thread title, more editable for me and my users. New, seperated column for thread isn't good for me.
new version looks good!
hey lex,
new problems here.

if we want to change the prefix to an other, we have both prefixes set.
no way to change only to the new one...

Quote:[prefix1] [prefix2] Threadname

original from my forum:
Quote:[Wichtig!] [Bitte Beteiligen] Probleme mit BenM

LeX-, you have no fix for this error?
I want to Restrict Users to Select Prefix

If user not select Prefix Post Can't Be Done

How to do that ?
Nice. Is there any way that we can use BBcode or HTML on thread prefix formattings?
I am wondering the same thing

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