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I've been working on this website since about 8 months, but i started taking it seriously ONYL since past 2 months, as u guyz might have read, i have filled it up with lots of plugins and themes, so i am going to clear it off soon.

I am gonna put a nice theme i have found and some plugins from here. Right now i want you guyz to look at it as a 2 months old website and rate it according to the content.
I love the number game.
Content is getting there. No question. Just gotta say. I love your rules mate. Funny shit. Smile
? though are you also h4x0r?
FTW Forum <-- Home of the DAMNED!
I have a weird thing that happens to my sigs. Its call moderation lol
yea i am h4x0r
I love the number game.
no more reviews?
I love the number game.
NOW, rate my web for DESIGN + CONTENT . ?/10
I love the number game.
Ficons implementation is bad...they are too big and pixelated on the edges.
You need to change the stars too.

Otherwise it looks fine.
(May 04, 2009, 05:58 PM)Stephon Wrote: I'm sorry but why does some of it look like HF? Maybe it's just me... Tongue

Anyways, I'll be signing-up. Big Grin

Your a member on HF? So am I!
NewGamingEra- A General Gaming Community!
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1 or 2 concepts are inspired by HF. Since its a big community. However, the content are purely unique and not some copy+pasted craps. I have no prejudice to admin that laboracca has made HF a good platform. i am trying to do something better.

P.:S- It doesnt mean that TechMafias is a copy of HF. Smile
I love the number game.

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