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Firefox display
Look at the source code of any mybb page and you will see the template comments where it starts and ends along with template name.
It was in header, done. And I validated with the same tool, and it says it passed ( Xhtml transblahblah successfully ), but the site still loads bad in Firefox. It must be something else, omg...

Thanks for helping, everybody...could you now continue helping me Big Grin


So everything is valid except this:

There are too many errors and recommendations, lol... I got that report when I clicked on Validate Wai. Is it possible that I need to change all those lines in templates to make the forum load correctly on Firefox? And will it affect a valid display I get using Opera and IE?
Also...When I click on Edit CSS stylesheet, it opens a little tab down in Firefox and it switches to how it should look like though I change nothing...and as soon as I close the Edit stylesheet tab, it goes "normal", incorrectly loaded.

I really need this solved until...well, tomorrow. Please...I'm a noob at this, but I promise it won't be for a long time.
Yeah it's totally screwed.

Why does yout global.css file start with @charset "utf-8"; ?

My guess..that's the issue there.
How should I know, I thought MyBB would get the job done...I just uploaded and installed the forum, lol, and the problem was there.
Lmao, I just deleted that part of the code, and saved global.css; nothing changed. The problem still persists.

Well, what else needs changing?
I have some free time later, if you want to give me admin and FTP access. I saw that charset thing too and thought it was a bit odd.
PM-ed you the details, please give your best Big Grin
Must say, this is a bit weird. It isn't just the forums, it's the ACP too. However, the files are fine, I put the CSS files onto my localhost and they worked OK. The CHMODs are fine, too (well, I had to change them, but even when they were right, it didn't work). I copied across fresh files from my localhost, no change. Also, in Chrome at least, clicking the CSS URLs in the header is supposed to prompt me to download the file, but it isn't, it's showing it as text, which isn't normal. I have a feeling this is something weird with the host, doesn't seem to be handling the CSS files properly... also, a lot of your folders are CHMOD 705 instead of 755, and a lot of files are 604 instead of 644 which definitely isn't normal.

Sorry Sad
It's about host? Hmm...I heard for many of webmasters having the same problem but I never asked them does Go Daddy host their sites.

I mean it's not much of a problem, actually, Opera and IE load it correctly. It's just that most of the people use stupid Firefox.

Now, don't worry. There are two reasons why it's not that important:
1.) This is just a test forum, my school project. I'm actually learning, so I could make another forum soon, this time for real. That's why I wanted to solve any problems existing.
2.) I will host my new forum somewhere else, probably dreamhost or hostgator...And I'm quite sure I won't get the same problem Smile

Thanks, to anyone who helped me...+2 reps.
Interesting i just last night installed a forum for a friend and i could not believe it but the admin CP had no images. First thing i though was this thead. Anyhow i tried to chmod and no difference. SO i re upped the inc language files and then all was good.
I wonder if this was a similar problem? The install i did was default also.
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