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[release] Webmaster 2.0
Webmaster 2.0
I was designing a theme for Discuss Admin a while ago and used it for a few weeks, then we decided to change the theme, so now the theme is no longer in use.
I took out some customized parts and though, what the hey, why not release it?
So here it is, an extremely customized MyBB theme that looks horrible.


-A customized, ready to use, affiliate box that you can edit to place links in.
-A Alexa banner that is ready to use the first time you install the theme. It auto-finds your link and applies itself.
-A very convienient user panel, with almost all the links necessary, plus a avatar.
-A very clean (not saying nice, just clean) postbit that is completely redesigned with additional, nice features.
-A nice new navbar, professional and easy to use.
-A quick search box that pops up on click.
-A self-installed favicon that comes with the theme.
-And a few more secrets..

-All image files
-Orange English Set
-Blue English Set
-Blue ColoRanks Images
-Webmaster 2.0 XML File

1. Upload the folder /images/ to your MyBB root.
2. Upload the Webmaster2.xml to your Admin CP

You may use this theme on any MyBB forum, as long as my copyright and the MyBB copyright are intact.
You may also make any modifications you want, as long as both copyrights are intact.
If the copyright is not intact, I will personally contact your host and tell them to suspend your account.
You MAY NOT claim the theme as yours and/or redistribute it in any form, at all.
If you feel anything would go against the license, please contact me at [email protected]

Not bad Wink
Thanks, glad you think it's "not bad" Tongue
Hello, i need this theme but the link is not working. Can someone reupload it Smile
Hey Infranight, when I saw this theme on your demo site, everything I clicked was linked to the index page... Did you fix that?
[Image: iphorumsig.php]
pls reupload
#7 Wink
NewGamingEra- A General Gaming Community!
Admin Space- A Place For Admins
I like the colors Smile
Someone upload this theme to another site where I don't have to pay another $10 to download it..
That would be illegal you noob :dodgy:
Official CreateMyBB and RunBB Support Team Member.

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