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[Release] Dark Night 1.4.x
Dark Night

File Details:

Description: A great looking theme with effective colours.
Colour Scheme: Dark Grey
Author:; Combo

Latest Version:

Version: 1.0
Built on: MyBB 1.4.4
Compatibility: All 1.4.x versions
Price: £0.00




Please post feedback and suggestions on this theme, this theme is only in version 1.0, please report all bugs and errors also. All updates to this theme will be posted below.
Pretty damn nice imho.
(May 04, 2009, 05:09 PM)labrocca Wrote: Pretty damn nice imho.

Have to agree... that's pretty damn snazzy...
MyBB Developer » Support Team
I can't download it... why?
Looks very good and is like HF Style IMHO Tongue

Great release Wink
vBulletin Developer
My Forum
My Blog
Nice template Man. I like it, its with that metalic look Why Not Call it Metalica? lol but Great job.
Nice one i ill try
Looks ugly in my opinion
i can't download :S
Amazing work.
I never see that many dark themes these days.

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