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Adsense question [imp]
Today is the 8th of may 2009, according to adsense they finalize the payments on 7th of every month, i have almost $160 in the account, and i am supposed to see a link for the reference of "PAYMENT MADE", but i see no difference, all it says it this:

Balance at end of April $164.79

any idea? specially the ppl who has earned from adsense.
I love the number game.
I have earned over $500 and nothing ever happened me did you make sure you don't have your payments on hold?
Contact them but they do take a few days to make the actual payment. Give them time.
I have attached a screenshot. According to me in the last month of april, where it says "Earning April1st - April30" it should say "Payment April 1st- April 30" Doesnt that?

[Image: adsense.gif]
I love the number game.
You'll get that in June.
oh ok.. and wud i receive the payment at the end of MAY or at the end of JUNE?
I love the number game.
Depends...I have gotten it last week or first week...what form of payment did you request? If it's a check that will take longer than a direct deposit.
ok, i am in india so ITS ONLY CHECK. lol till FEB it was ONLY $0.6 a month and then it jumped like hell.
I love the number game.

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