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mybb change forum date - time
Is it possible to change it for all users as a default setting, instead of the time saying posted 'today' or 'yesterday' it always shows it like this: Last posts 10-05-2009. I'm sure it's m-d-y but have no idea how to implement

Thank you!
Is it only for the lastpostcolumn ?

Removing Today && Yesterday
Open ./inc/functions_forumlist.php

PHP Code:
                    $lastpost_date my_date($mybb->settings['dateformat'], $lastpost_data['lastpost']); 

Change into
PHP Code:
                    $lastpost_date my_date($mybb->settings['dateformat'], $lastpost_data['lastpost'], ''0); 

Open forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost
{$lastpost_date} {$lastpost_time}

Change into
{$lang->forumbit_lastpost}: {$lastpost_date}
I would like to read about it anymore. Prompt, what literature to study?
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