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[r4] Recent Profile Visitors
MyBB Version: MyBB 1.4
New Settings: 4 [ Recent Profile Visitors Group ]
New Templates: 3
DB Changes: 1 [ New Table ]
File Changes: 0
Files: 1
  • ./inc/plugins/vmp.php
Images: 2
  • ./images/online.jpg
  • ./images/offline.jpg
  • Upload both images into your ./images/ folder
  • Upload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Install/Activate the "Recent Profile Visitors" Plugin.

  • Status
  • Period between visits of same user before adding new record
  • Users in list before showing 'view more link'
  • Show Online/Offline Images next to username

* Counts && Shows Recent Profile Viewers In Your Profile

v1.0 => v1.1
Deactivate - reupload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php - Activate

v1.1 => v1.2
reupload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php (fix duplicate entries caused by sessions table)

Attached Files
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Great job. Thanks for sharing.
wow this is really cool, much better than another visitor counter i have. great job Smile
[Image: classic-76561197972846836.png]
nice! thanks for sharing Big Grin
// Added format_name() + small fix
Update: reupload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php
Love the idea. Downloaded it and installed it (after doing some translation - not to hard). I have two(2) problems I found:
1. When no user has watched a profile (other then the profile user itself), the additions for this plugin (on the profile form) don't appear.
2. When the first user (after installing/activating this plugin) views a profile, this user appears twice on the list. When the second user accesses the profile, the list "gets" fixed. I'm not sure if this is something that only I will/did encounter (as I have a lot of other plugins and my forum has all the fixes it needs to show Hebrew), but I wanted to tell you about it.
Edit: 3. As one that has a partial color blindness, the on/off pics are too small to distinguish from each other. I'll have to think of a way to solve this. I write this as I'm one of the few web admins who cares about letting people with disabilities enjoy the net as much as all of us. If you'll go to my forum (, although you don't read Hebrew, you can see how much I have thought of this - every (important) symbol has a different color ans shape, every forum has a picture with a good contrasted colors (for example) and so on.
Of two equivalent theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simpler one is to be preferred.
simplified translation of Occam's razor

[Image: 82pwtx]
i gonna respond to all that in a second; need to go

First do :
v1.0 => v1.1
Deactivate - reupload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php - Activate

Edit :
1. Is because i use the member_profile_end hook, gonna see if everything stills works if i use member_profile_start.
2. This one i can't reproduce; what are the settings ? Period ?
3. For the images you can always add your own; just name them online.jpg && offline.jpg or if you want to use another extension don't forget to change it in the pluginfile.

1. Solved
=> Update : just reupload ./inc/plugins/vmp.php
Hi (again),
I did (on purpose) a full uninstall of the old version and an install of the new so I can check it from scratch. I found this:
- "old" things:
no. 1 wasn't solved - the additional table doesn't appear until some user (or guest) goes and watches the profile.
no. 2 seem to have benn solved - still not sure why it happened. I suspect its a problem with my forums and will not show up in any other.
no. 3 was to help you see this problem with web sites and, as I said, I'll solve it myself by changing the pics.
- "new" things:
1. what does the statement on line 304 do and how is it differ from the one on line 298? I ask this, as clicking on it gets me a blank page - I do use the google SEO plugin.
2. When you'll have the time, please: A. use a language file, B. try to avert from using ' align="..." ' or ' class="float_..." ' as they are hard to find (usually) and can cause problem when using a plugin on an RTL based site/forum. If you have to (for whatever reason), I suggest putting a note either in the plugin code itself or in the readme file (if there is one).
Of two equivalent theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simpler one is to be preferred.
simplified translation of Occam's razor

[Image: 82pwtx]
Overhere 1 is solved;
Before: building the table row then check if you visited;
Now: check if you visited (if not; insert record); building table row (new query to get visitors (includes new record when you first visited)

298 is shown to everyone when the maximum usernames in a row is reached;
304 is shown to the profile owner; to get all visitors in a table ( even if the maximum names isn't reached)

And why it returns a blank page; beats me =P
It uses the misc.php page; probably needs a new rewriterule =/
does line 304 loads the "member_vmp_list" template?
Of two equivalent theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simpler one is to be preferred.
simplified translation of Occam's razor

[Image: 82pwtx]

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