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[email protected] - Joined made himself an admin
same with me and psinetic, he just edits the index template and block the iran range worked to get rid of him, and omg psinetic decided to launch a campaign against him, OBVIOUSlY im talking about someone using this exploit but still
Yes I'm launching a compain against this particular hacker because he's hacked over 8,000 websites. We mistakingly didn't upgrade fast enough to thwart the hack, but were right in the middle of it when he hacked us >_> go figure. It's not hard to fix, he usually just edits the index page (this is where an "undo" button would be nice)

I urge anyone who has been hacked or has witnessed a hacking by NobodyCoder to report it here:
yeah you guys are the lucky one he deleted all the boards on my site which that really sucks
(Jun 24, 2009, 10:48 AM)ridwan sameer Wrote:
(Jun 24, 2009, 02:05 AM)labrocca Wrote: Same email at my site that hacked me but that's not his real email. He signed up under I believe then using the exploit changed both his email and signup IP address. I was able to pull out mysql logs to see the actual queries.

and to think, you encourage this by having a Forums about Hacking

dude he doesn't encourage jack if he encouraged it he would have a "black hat" section on his site which he doesn't what he does have is a "white hat help" section so obviously he wants to help people fight against crackers not making there life a living hell like this ass hole script kiddie is doing so do a little research before you start judging people exspecially if he is the admin on the site your using! think before you post
that's what backups are for. if you had properly backed up your database a simple recovery in cpanel would solve that problem in less than 30 seconds. and Labrocca doesn't encourage anything, he in fact DISCOURAGES black hat hacking. If you were an active member of the HF forum you would know that.
also you should set default admin permissions to nothing, itll be so lol, theyll be in cp unable to do anything
I need to redo my backdoor program and add more functionality. It would be helpful to an admin to steal back his site in the case of being locked out.
Mind elaborating a bit? Backdoor Program? Sounds interesting Big Grin haha

It has to be updated though. Do not use that version.
hmmmm very nice. is there a way to make it so that it would be able to work in a subdirectory? This way I can lock that subdirectory with .htaccess. actually. nvm. i'll ask that question in the backdoor thread so that when it's answered other people will have a one single stop place to find the answer. Awesome mod btw. Big Grin
nvm it's locked XD lol
That's actually a good idea. I am going to use it when I do remake this.

And I told you...current version will not work with 1.4x.

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