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[release] BlueandGrey 1.4x
Theme name: BlueAndgrey
Version: 1.4X
Author: JonP aka IndigoRed
Author website:
Details: You may not redistribute this theme or say that you made it, same goes for the button set included, which i also made myself, other then that enjoy it, if you have any problem post them here.






.zip (Size: 320.57 KB / Downloads: 29)
Nice theme
In my opinion its basically default with a few small changes.
Honestly i mean no disrespect but its got ugly forum images and is really plain.
Once again no disrespect intended rather opinion.

If people are going to make a theme that will get downloaded and thus give link love i would have thought a bigger variety of themes.
Most are simply a variation of the same thing. A few CSS edits and its done. Make it red, make it blue, make it green etc.
I really want to see themes that are worthy of link love. Nice different layouts. Things to make MyBB look wild, different or atleast entertaining or enjoyable.

So so many MyBB forums are predictable layouts that are almost boring to me.
Look at mine for example. People may not like it but atleast its away from the norm all be it only slightly.
FTW Forum <-- Home of the DAMNED!
I have a weird thing that happens to my sigs. Its call moderation lol
Not everyone is advanced at making themes, i just started not to long ago and i'm still learning, plus i'm not going to make my themes, loaded with stuff and make it look ugly, i'm a simple theme maker, sorry, but i don't have hours and hours to spend.

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