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MYPS Backup

* User MYPS // MYPS Settings // MYPS LOGS BackUp Module (MYPS ADDON) for MyBB 1.2.7
* By: LeX-
* Website:
* Version: 1.0


Read the "readme.txt" before doing anything ! It just needs a couple file/image uploads.


I've created some sort of 'backup system' in the ACP.

* - First its check if backup table exists ::

If not ::

[Image: first_acp.jpg]


[Image: second_acp.jpg]

* - When it's created you see a new button ( BackUp ) [ see above ], when pressing it

[Image: third_acp.jpg]

If you backup for a second or third ... time it will do a check. If myps in usertable == myps in backuptable for a certain user, it won't be updated, it will be skipped. Saves you a query =P

* - When the table is "filled" you will see another button appear ( Set ) + possibility to print out the content of the backup table

When pressing the set button, it sets the myps to each user back.
[Image: fourth_acp.jpg]

When pressing the print button ( for the test i gave in Users Per Page = 2 )
[Image: fifth_acp.jpg]

Attached Files
.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 7.08 KB / Downloads: 53)
labrocca Wrote:You can view it in the extras folder ..worktable.txt.

Quote:11. Create save settings ability for updating.

Done ^^ . Was almost the same as 'Backup User MYPS' .


[Image: backup_acp.jpg]

Print Page

[Image: print_acp.jpg]
I just want to give a heads up that I have tested this addon and it seems to be functional. I fixed a couple bugs in it and some behaviors. had the form actions as myps.php instead of myps_backup.php. And I also removed the code where each table had a blank entry (assume that was for testing and not removed).

Check it and let me know. It's a good little addon you made and it will be VERY helpful. It's also better that it's NOT part of myps core. Very good and thanks once again.

The file I have already uploaded so feel free to check it.
labrocca had the form actions as myps.php instead of myps_backup.php. And I also removed the code where each table had a blank entry (assume that was for testing and not removed).

The form action i didn't notice, i've copied the code from the plugin, i first integrated it into the plugin and then decided to make an addon of it =P So original it was myps.php, but forgot to change it when it was in the addon =P
And the blank entry wasn't for testing ! =P That's for tracking down the time of the backup, i gave it 0 cause no user with myps has that uid , so it can't cause any problems =P Every time a backup takes place, the time of that uid gets updated ... =P I didn't put it into a setting, that can be seen from the Board Settings ... cause it may not be edited, else the backuptime will be screwed up =P ! And if people can't 'see' it, they will not try to change it =P
Worked a treat for me thanks
Oh hey...any chance you will backup the logs? Smile
labrocca Wrote:Oh hey...any chance you will backup the logs? Smile

Great ID =P Will start on that this evening Wink

Edit ::

There's need for "printing out" ? =P

Edit2 ::

Done, but no print out =P
Erm, what's this?
This is a brilliant idea. I've got a backup of my forum at all times (plugins deactivated) so this should help me keep track of everything

Super plugins Smile
Thanks mate, I'm always worried about losing everything on my site....specially considering im not very confident with editing it...I'm new to all this u see. Thanks for this.

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