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MyBBoard server is down
(Jul 30, 2009, 03:05 PM)prudens Wrote: They are loyal because vBulletin never fails without a backup plan though. myBB is awesome too man, don't get me wrong. Idk about IPB though, never liked the layout.

Imagine for a minute vBulletin's whole support site and forums collapses without warning for 12 hours, and millions of business customers are waiting in line for technical support, you think they'll wait 12 hours? Maybe... but that's because it's vBulletin. I don't think you can compare anybody to vBulletin. They are a monopoly almost.

How do you think they got to the point where they needed a backup? with so many loyal customers before hand. If vB was a monopoly, then MyBB and even phpBB would cease to exist.

same person Wrote:I've never changed my statement. I said I'd lose loyal customers if my server went down for a long time in the first statement, and I repeated that in my second statement. No such thing as loyal, because if you don't offer a dedicated service, somebody else will, and loyal/non-loyal alike will just leave.

That entire statement is an oxymoron. You're saying you have loyal customers to retain, yet you say that there are no such things as loyal customers? MAJOR oxymoron.

That's untrue, Microsoft is a monopoly, and look at Red Hat, Ubuntu, BSD, CentOS. Look at MacOS. Lol. You have no idea...
There is nothing anyone can do to stop servers ever going down. And as I said, anyone who actually changes from MyBB to something else because of some server downtime would be two sandwiches short of a picnic. Yeah, it's an inconvenience, but there have been times when the vB forums have been down for a few hours, I checked them when they were back up, nobody really seemed too bothered; probably because they just accepted server downtimes are one of those things that happen. Chris has been asleep for most of the downtime, if texts aren't getting through, or his phone's on silent or something, there is literally nothing at all that anybody can do, except wait. For all we know he's up and trying to fix it.

And yes, saying you'll lose loyal customers and then saying loyal customers don't exist just makes no sense.
Just because a company holds a large percentage of the market share does not mean that said company has a MONOPOLY on the market. You don't seem to know the definition of monopoly.

A monopoly is where NO OTHER products/services can exist in a given market due to one vendor "owning" the market, which isn't the case with vBulletin. vBulletin may hold a significant market share, but theydon't have a monopoly in the real sense of the word
Microsoft may hold a significant market share, but even they don't hold a monopoly on the OS market.

Dictionary next time, please.

Time to close this. No need to make any other threads on this either. If I hear anything on the situation, I'll post it here. Hopefully it'll back soon.
As you've all probably seen by now, the site's loading again but the community forums have a SQL error.

The main site is working fine, so you can still download MyBB should it be needed:
And now it's back Big Grin
glad to see the site's back and prudens is back to making terrible posts
LOL at these latest posts. Microsoft is not a monopoly, and vBulletin isn't even close.

The difference between MyBB's site going down and vBulletin's site going down is that MyBB is FREE, vBulletin customers are PAYING money to get that support.

End of story.
When did I reopen this?? Tongue

Closed again Big Grin

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