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Easter Egg Hunt
Wow nice plugin. Could be nice for a game. Can't wait for MYPS integration.

Also this is the only non hot topic.
Weee thank you very much for this nice plugin! Big Grin

I will use it for sure ^^
Great job man! Big Grin
very cool & thanks...........may use this for free vip membership
OK, at the risk of looking stupid, what is this? Is it just a fun little game you can stick in there for your members?
Pretty much.
sweet... it'll keep them quite amused!

why on earth are you up so early in the morning?!
Haven't gone to bed yet. Having a bad day's 3am. Time to hit the bed.
That sucks.... feel better soon.

If it's any consolation, I've been up since 2 AM my time. I think I got about two hours sleep. Sad
oo, this is a great idea for a plugin, will download when I subscribe...

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