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plugins feedback
Just hoping you will take time to make plugins that is requested.
It's not that easy making plugins. It takes time, dedication, patience, and some more qualities. It could take a while if labrocca even wants to make the plug-in.
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Yup i know that.
This is why the suggestions area was closed for a couple months. People expect because they make a suggestion that I will actually make their plugin. Sorry but that's not the case normally.
Yeah well if plugins that is requested, won't be made, not even one of them. the point is really gone with an such section.
The point of it is that if he wants to make it he will and if he doesn't he won't. That's normally how suggestions work, you don't have to follow them through if you don't want to.
Most suggestions are either stupid, already a part of my project list, or have been suggested and turned down.

And it's not like all suggestions are turned down. I have done a few from that area but overwhelmingly they fall into the categories of my first sentence.
Oh I thought you have to pay him to make a plugin, if its specifically made of your request.
Am i right?
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