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Usergroup Image Question...
I have a question and it probably is so simple, but I'm new to using mybb and am still learning, so the more basic you could put it, the better Smile

Lets say I have an admin who is a site supporter. How do I get it to show the site supporter image and "site supporter" under her "admin" title? I need to have two titles and one image?

Well, its for a "Group" What you are going to do is make one with Photoshop or whatever you use, then you will Upload it to Photobucket/Tinypic or w/e you use. Then you will see something called a "Direct Link" After the upload. Go into the ACP (Admin control Panel) Then click Users and Groups, On the left click "Groups" Then it will say User Groups, find the group you want the Special group image for. Then you will see something called "Group Image", Paste the (DIRECT) Link in their, then save it, then their it is, Hope i helped Big Grin
Typed all that for nothing!
Thank you! So easy and it worked!

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