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Customizing Match Rank
No luck with the customization yet... cross your fingers WiiBoost
I know that Labrocca is a gamer, he will probably help us out with that request soon. :o)
Chainz I got someone... pm'ed
Is it Labrocca that will do the customization ? I don't want to risk screwing up my forum if it's not made or approved by Labrocca.
if not guess he should know who and agree that someone does the work for us before doing it...

Jesse ? You wanna do the work for us before we pay anyone else? If you have time for this.
Pm'ed you...
I have no time for custom work now.
No prob labrocca, WiiBoost found someone to make it for us.
If it's ok with you and once the customization is done would you take a look at it for me just to make sure
everything is ok with it so you won't have to come to my forum and fix it again, like you already did a few times. :o)
Free now.

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