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Hosting Questions?
Well, I am currently running a site, and the hosting is terrible, the site is only up 90% of the time, the emailing doesn't work, and many more reasons. So, my goal for this site is to do it on a $0 budget. Please don't post if you are trying to flame me, ect. So I thought of this site, is there a good hoster that gives a few month trial (that you don't need to give payment info) that has unlimited everything and under $10/mo. and I think i can raise atleast $10 per month with ads. So, what do you guys suggest?
#2 even has 5gb of space to get you going.
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A2hosting is good.
#4 is good.
#5 Highly recommend them, hosteds sites since two years at these servers and never had any problems.
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Please don't flame me, but is there a site that does free .com domains? I didn't think so, so thats why I wanna ask you guys.
Not without a catch of some sort. They're only a few dollars to buy though.
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Just saying, if you want good hosting that has 100% uptime, GREAT amounts of bandwith, use --> <--
(Sep 25, 2009, 07:48 PM)GizSho Wrote: Just saying, if you want good hosting that has 100% uptime, GREAT amounts of bandwith, use --> <--

Worst host ever. Do not use GD.

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