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Plugin Suggestion - Sell Username
Well, I was just thinking, on popular forums like HF, you may want a username that is already taken, so what if there was something that you could change your username (if your L33T of-coarse) to someone else's and there would be changed to yours (Im thinking thats the easiest way unless you wanna make them just add a * or something to there old username) So, You could make a forum, they fill in there username pay $5 and then the system will check if there desired username has been online in the past 6 months, if he has less than 50 posts and if he is a subscriber or not. If he is offline in the past 6 months, <50 posts, and not a L33T then his username will be either changed to the trader or just add * to his username. Please tell me what you guys think (especially Labrocca) also, I'm not sure if my opinion will count anyways sense I am not subscriber yet ( I will be soon), but anyways, thought it was another way to make money or get donations for forum. Thanks for reading!

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