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Cristal Design
Cristal Design Community is a new forum that is being run by myself and a few others. We currently only have a premade theme however it isn't commonly used. Soon though we will hopefully have a custom theme. I'm creating this thread however to see what ya'll think about the site and perhaps get some new members who will be active and help our forum grow!!
If your interested join us on the forum and let me (s9TeeN) know that you found us through MyBB Central!

[Image: Banner.jpg]
Where is your forum link? :O
The image... Sorry I forgot to link it before!! lol
Ah Smile

I like the forum, you were right when you said it isn't a commonly used theme, I've never seen it before.
Yea most people haven't seen it before but it premade and being an admin on the site I feel that a GFX forum should have it's own theme custom built by it's staff you know??
Bumpin this thread! BUMP BUMP lol
I signed up.
lol nice forum you got there i subscribed Smile
[Image: signature.php?uid=1]
Sweet!! BUMP!!
Ehm, it looks kinda messy, but Good, I recall a different owner before though right? The theme is from Ivgeo

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