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Hiding conect to MYPS
(Aug 28, 2009, 04:22 PM)labrocca Wrote:
Quote:but with all of the websites you put together it seems this way.

I haven't created a new site all year. As a matter of fact I sold off many of them so I would have more time with HF.

Quote:And there is guarantee of future work, and I quote.

Technically that's not a guarantee. And I have continued to release work.

That's about 3 weeks ago.

I have Link Dump I want to finish off and release too. I might even work on it today.

Quote:but a lot of people here have suggestions that are viable, and should be taken into consideration

Give me an example? Because most I see are not viable to make or have been suggested. I have a project list full of good ideas too like a Gallery. But again..I can't release my full project list because I don't want to give others ideas about what I am doing.

Here is my list of suggestions that I found on the site =)

Quote: - I'd LOVE this one

Just a few that I saw on the site, there's a lot more
There...I replied to them all. None are that great and only maybe one would I bother doing. One of my philosophies in coding plugins is that if I won't use then I won't make it. Maybe that's selfish but I can't waste my time on what other people want. It doesn't work for me trying to make something I don't want. Match Rank is a perfect example of a plugin I never wanted to make and it came out like crap. I hate that plugin. It's terrible and without vision.

When I think of something that I actually use then I know how to build it. I know how I want it to work clearly.

Right now I just don't have a lot of free time to code new plugins. So I am certainly not going to waste time on plugins I don't like. My time is SEVERELY LIMITED. Despite your belief I have lots of free time on my hands I really don't. And one thing for sure is I hate to waste my time.
While I'm currently not a subscriber at the moment (my sub. expired but I will be renewing soon) I strongly disagree with your "point" about the subscription being a ripoff.

Hiring someone to do custom work for you is not cheap and certainly won't cost you $5 per year, if anything, by us expecting Labrocca to do that, we are ripping him off. I think his current plugin creation procedure is very reasonable considering the price and the existing plugin library. Plus on top of all that, part of our sub. fee is donated back to MyBB so we're helping MyBB as well.
I'm with CODPlay3r.

If you want to hire someone to do work, it usually costs upwards to $40/hr. Sometimes cheaper, sometimes more. But, the average developer of Labrocca's capabilities will cost you about $40/hr. So, you think it's ripping you off? That something he spends hours developing, he releases to you for $5/year? If you really want some of these things, you need to go hire you a developer.

And, this is based on my experience as a C++, C#, and Python Developer.

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