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LinkVault (link exchange system)
Labrocca, can you think of any reason why the line "Check Setup and Activate" isn't a link? I've gone through the set up process and the test links show up on my site. Everything else is clickable except for that one thing. I'm able to check the script version and even update the code, so I know that's OK. I've looked through their faq and can't find anything about this.
Have they approved your account yet? That could be one reason. Also change browsers just in case it's a script error.

If you need some LV advice let me know. I use it pretty hard-core myself as a first front for my linking.
OK, so I can't do that until they approve it? I couldn't find that little nugget of info anywhere, and I went all through their faq. And since they require admin approval for their dang forum, I couldn't even post my query there. grrrrrr LOL...guess I'll just have to wait until they get around to approving my site then.
Yeah they have crap for support. I have offered to lend them my services since I been with them almost 3 years now. They have yet to accept. It's a good system but the people running it are getting very lazy about it. It can take days or even weeks to get things setup right. However link vault is meant to be a long term service that grows in benefits over time.
Can you believe I STILL have not been approved on their "support" forum? Jeesh! Anyway, my site is up and running, but I did want to point out to others that aren't familiar with the system...don't bother signing up if your forum/site is brand new. They will only accept your link if it is indexed in the major search engines.
Looks good, thanks!
thank you
can you update this for 1.4 or is there any update already
Are you using link-vault?
This will work with MyBB 1.4.4...I had it running on my test site.

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