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LinkVault (link exchange system)

Sign up there to begin the process of receiving FREE links for your site.

Link Vault is a linking system where you gain vaultage (credits) that you use to promote your own sites. This is a network of sites where anyone can join providing they meet the criteria set forth by linkvault.

This plugin makes it simple to add linkvault to your mybb installation. I have used LV which great success over the years and thought it was time to share it with the mybb community. Feel free to ask questions.

Installation instructions are in the file.

Any questions about LV or it's installation feel free to ask.

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 8.96 KB / Downloads: 72)
iam not getting any test links from link-vault.plz helpSadSadSadSad
[Image: underarchivesigoq3.jpg]
[Image: 14613em4.gif]
Do you have test links ON at LV?
I don't see any test links either and i have test links on
Did you follow the instructions of LV? Are your LV files chmoded to 777?

Create a simple test php page that's NOT mybb and try to use their code.
I found a's fixed now. Instructions are slightly only replace one line in the plugin file.
Its working now.

How can i move the links to somewhere elses?
pretty cool mod, will give it a try.
seems good, i will install after my forums get popular Wink
Great mod, Im sure this can help with traffic!

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