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I deleted console world's database
Yeap, that's right. Accidentally but I did it.
I have it set to make daily backups so I have one from yesterday but still, I have made a lot of changes today..will have to do them again.
Damn, im so pissed off
[Image: mystatssig.php]
Got it fixed? Looks like its up.
Yeap, just making some new threads, moving some forums, updating release threads and I should be done.
By 3 am I want to be sleeping, really need some rest Tongue
(2:27 am atm)
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Cheer up bro, it happens ^^
I done that a couple times. Always frustrating.
Yeap it is, I selected the correct database from phpmyadmin and I don't know how but I selected the console world one too (ticked the two check boxes), and then deleted them and after deleting them I realized I had deleted console world's one too Tongue
Oh well, everything's back and running now. Next time this probably is not going to happen or if it does, I will probably have a more recent backup
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I did that too!
It's just something active webmasters do. We click a lot and it's easy to have a moment of stupidity that you can't take back.
Yes, I guess you're right. Tongue
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Your sites design is fucking awesome, I'll tell you that.

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