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Site bugs...
Yes...Entries is a subforum (second-level) category
So basically I can't use that if I have tabs?
I'm not saying that. I'm just looking for conflicts amongst different plugins.
Some other people reported that the inline translation plugin that you have installed also cause some blank pages. That's the translation drop down that appears in your posts.
You will have to uninstall some of these one at a time to see if one of them is causing the trouble.

Alternative to the infobar:

EDIT: I see now that you uninstalled the infobar, and I can access the forum as a guest. It was the culprit. Use the link above to still display your own bar without interfering with anything.
Well I removed the info bar and the blank white page issue is gone! lol I'll try editing the template to switch out the plugin for the link you provided tomorrow.
That was my main concern right now. However next is the selected tab thing. lol
Basically the post from that other guy was saying that if I use a second-level category that my tabs wont highlight?
Just remove that one subforum from the tab to see if it works.
Eh... its not the only subforum! lol
I used this style in my groups section as well...
You wont be able to see it unless your a group or staff.
Mmk well I'll look into that idea tomorrow as well I'm about to pass out in my chair. I didn't sleep last night at all it's about 9am here and I have work at 3pm today till 11pm I need some sleep! lol
If you have an MSN you should PM it to me so I can add you and I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of making you a tech team member of the site! lol
Just updated my profile with my MSN addy.
Hopefully your problems can be ironed out.
Thanks again bro I'll add you before I crash! lol

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