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I need lots of HELP
Mmk so I will be one to admit that this is very complex and that it is confusing the shit out of me...
I have the tab menu set up on my forum however when I create a new tab it only adds it as a text link at the top. No thead-bg image or anything! I think this might have to do with the fact that we may not be using a image file with that exact name! lol However I do not see anywhere to edit this info. I read about the css thing in the acp but I do not see it. Basically I'm here to request that a tutorial be written on how to install and get the tabs up and running smoothly for those of us who don't know a lot of what we are doing...
I can't write a tutorial for every single level of user. Certain knowledge has to be obtained. Imagine this:

1. Turn on computer
2. Open your internet browser
3. Type into the address bar (address bar is located near the top and you click it to start typing there).

I hope you see my point. The tutorial I wrote for's comprehensive and I have been diligent about updating it for anything that needs to be there. So far every problem that users have has been on their end and fixable if they follow the instructions.

So your problem is no background image. Do the tabs work at least? If so then just alter the css inside the admincp to reflect whatever background image you do want to you. Now to follow this instruction it's assumed you know some basic css and the admincp. You may also need FTP to upload your own image. You may then need image editing skills. The level of knowledge required just keeps on going. I have to assume basics though for all users...that you know mybb core, some basic html, some css, and ftp.
Alright I get your point... Sorry shoulda thought that one out before requesting. My main issue is that I don't know what my issue is. Only symptoms (so to speak) is that they have no bg image and no they do not work. All I see is a text link. Example given below. I have followed the instructions in the DL exactly. All my files are uploaded to the right folders and so forth. Only thing I do not understand about the DL is the part about editing the index code? Although I do not think (THINK is the key word there) that this is my problem.
Problem Screen Shots (Click to View)

Bottom line is that I prolly don't understand as much as I should about MyBB and such but there is only one way to learn in my eyes! I have already learned a lot about it within the last three months or more.
labrocca Wrote:It looks like you have no tabbed css.

If that was directed at me then no tis wrong. As I said I made sure that I followed all the instructions. All my files are loaded properly to included the tabbed.css file...

Grizzly Wrote:the initial tab has ALL categories, and none of the other ones have any.
This is one of the issues that I am having as well...
I understand this may be due to my theme/template but I still need help as to what to do to fix it! lol
Btw thanks for your time!

If that's the site with the problem and the "test" is a tab then I can tell you the problem is the css doesn't exist as I initially stated. You can see that in the source code it doesn't exist.

Manually add it.
Ok so I double checked everything again. Files are in like they are supposed to and the css is there. If it's not there then Idk how to put it in correctly because it is showing to be there. I removed the css files and replaced them again as well as copied the text directly from the text file in the extras folder.
I'm sorry about all this I know it's prolly annoying to you but your the only one who seems to help! lol
Screen Shots: (Click to View)

It's there but it's not on your page.

Try attaching the css to specific file...index.php.
It says that it is attached to index.php! lol
Idk how else to show you what's wrong...
If you had access to the site would you be able to fix it?
Would you be willing to fix it? lol I know your busy!
Your forum is at forum.php, not index.php.
That's the problem. Change it's attachment to be forum.php. I should have noticed that. Something to remember for those that make that change as rare as it is.

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