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I need lots of HELP
lol On my site I have them set up and such but they are appearing above the colorful announcement plugin I have! How do I get them flush with the top category of the page. I can give SS's if you need them...
Look in the index template of that theme, and just move the {$tabmenu} variable down below the {$board_messages} (or whichever plugin you are using for the colorful announcements)
Hell yea! Thank you so much!! lol
Works great!!!
You earned it bro! Big time... I been playing post tag for days now with Labrocca trying to get this shit fixed it's fantastic to finally get it up and working!
Thanks to both of you!! Anytime and I mean ANY time you need GFX work hit me up and I'll do what i can!! I owe you both!
Labrocca's a busy man.
Just go back and read his first post...I bet it all makes sense now.
Yea it does all make since now! lol That was the issue though I know he is busy and he would post while I was away and then I'd post while he was away... So it was taking us forever to communicate... I just needed someone with time and knowledge.
Again part of the problem for me is not knowing what you or other members don't know. Certain things are assumed that you must know. Like how to navigate your admincp, edit a template/theme, and alter settings. Just some basic stuff really. Everything you needed to fix this was pretty much in the install instructions. You needed to just spend more time telling me which parts you didn't understand.

btw..get rid of the shoutbox. It's only going to take away from posting on your site.

Shoutbox = Stupidest idea on forums ever.
Lol I can understand that! lol Either way thank you for the help I appreciate it even if we did go the long way around all of this...

As for the shoutbox I wasn't the one who put it in but I kinda like it... Most the users barely use it anyway so its all good!
Mmk so we got them all in and working I spent about 4 hours creating and deleting forums getting everything set up exactly the way I want it and although they work fine they are highlighting like I want them to. I changed the tabs to a blue bg and the selected tab is supposed to be green. This was working but now is not? Any ideas? I checked the coding in the .css but nothing was out of place.
Yeah! Here we go again.

I see your XHTML has lost validation. Start by fixing those errors.

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