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I need lots of HELP
Mmk checked that out and I get how to fix the issue but Idk where to fix those things...
I'm gonna guess in the templates somewhere but Idk where...
Personal question to Labrocca, How do you know all this stuff? Just learn it through time or did you go to college?
Years of experience. And you fix the xhtml in the templates in the admincp.
s9TeeN Wrote:I'm gonna guess in the templates somewhere but Idk where...
I only see a set called XMLHTTP other then that Idk what set the XHTML would be under.

Mmk as far as I can tell by using that site the XHTML is validated. My forum is run by myself and another. My second admin removed a bit of code form the footer and we passed the validation check. However he is a dumbass and doesn't really understand what he did. There for I still have no clue how to fix these issues if they arise again...
I get 113 errors on your forum page.

Also XHTML is a new standard of HTML.

You should probably find someone to fix your validation. I am not hopeful you can do it yourself with your base of knowledge. Are you sure you want to run a forum?
Gee thanks buddy! lol For the time being I feel confident that I can do this as long as I have someone to help me.
I'm gonna try to get a tech person to help me out with this also but right now I have no one. If you don't want
to help I can understand. I will admit this is a little discouraging but I wish to learn. Only one good way to that imo!!

When I ran my url through the site you gave me I only received about 5 errors. If your using the same site then Idk how
you are receiving something I am not.

Edit: one of those stupid mistakes that you learn the hard way.
I was only entering not including the /forum/forum.php now I too see the 113 errors.
Quote:If you don't want to help I can understand.

I support my plugins but I can't be a personal webmaster for other people. It's expected that you know how to do some things. This is over four pages on this thread now and it's complete clutter.

I am going to split this off.

I wish you luck but here is the truth. I see that you are taking on more than you can handle and ultimately this is going to be a problem. I seen it plenty of times.

This whole thing started weeks ago. If every little problem is going to take you weeks to solve then how are you going to really accomplish much?
I think I have accomplished a lot already. I have never been fully in charge of a forum before and I am now. On my forum I already have a small amount of members who post daily as well as a decent theme and for the most part the forum is running smoothly... Most of the things I have been requesting help for have been for small behind the scenes. Things that do need to be taken care but as far as I know are not deathly toward the forum. I'm proud of what i have accomplished already and I greatly appreciate your help. If i fail with this forum then I have learned a lot and will be better prepared for the next one. Sorry if I'm taking up to much space on your threads but I believe this site was created as an assistance to MyBB users... There for I will use this as a resource to learn what I wish/need to learn to run my forum as I like. I have also posted topics on the MyBB boards but find that if I ask one or two things here and one or two there that I get twice as much done then waiting for one reply at a time here. Seriously I apologies if you feel I am wasting your time but I do appreciate your help.

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