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Points for file downloads, thread starter for replies, thanks button, and views

I was wondering if someone could help lead me or help me develop settings for MYPS.

The settings I would like are:

1. Give points to the thread starter by how many downloads that file has, it has to be a file uploaded by the MyBB attachment feature.

2. Give points to thread starter for other people's replies. So if person A starts the thread and person c replies, person A gets points.

3. Similar to HF's Thanks button, but instead of a pop-up message saying Thanks. I'd like it to give the thread starter points.

4. Give points to Thread starter for how many views that thread gets.

If someone could help me figure this out, I'd really appreciated it.

Thanks again,
I'm willing to subscribe if someone can guarantee that the mod will be made.
Or if someone else will do it for $10.00 I'll go with that too.
I will go up to $20.00 as of now.
And I will pay once I see it working on a test site.
I like number 2 (very much) Smile
also number 4
hey if anybody makes this i will also pay $10 t him/her aswell
Hi guys,
please... being Subscriber first Wink
and then pray for this suggestion.
Also, if possible Give extra different Point, for moderator who work move/delete/merge etc Big Grin

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