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Best/Cheapest Hoster? Best/Cheapest Domain Seller?
Labrocca, what did you use for HF? If I recall you used a separate one for MySQL. What did you use when you hosted everything on one?
Oh, and on SecureServer, it says this in the terms, would you consider the site in my signature fine?:

e.)Malicious hacking materials, trojans, viri, and malicious bots either running in process or for download are forbidden. Violators will have their account terminated immediately. We do understand that not all hacking and hacking materials are bad, as long as they are legal and ethical they are allowed.
If you can find a coupon, you can nab a very cheap .com domain name from GoDaddy (as low as $3/year)

As for hosting, i have heard GoDaddy is a horrible web host

I use, and i love them, i have had no downtime at all in months, very fast servers, and great and speedy support!
Free domain name for life to
Everything is unlimited (bandwidth, web space, etc.)
$5/month for silver hosting
like $8/month for gold i think (supports SSH and unlimated addon/parked domains)
(Yes, that is an affiliate link, but they really are an amazing web host)
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Thats sweet. Will check it out.

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