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[Release] BlueCream theme
For the logo, i have now a replaced 750 x 82 pixel Image. 82 height is unfortunately not much to make some nice image in. What if the logo becomes more in height, will the theme be f.. up then or is it still ok ? And if it wouldn´t work, how could i make some space up there to put a logo with more height in the header ?

Ok, seems a bigger logo is no problem. One more thing, is it possible to use a JPG instead of a GIF ? And if its coded into the theme, where can I change that i want to take another Format ?
Themes - Modify/Delete - Select your Theme [ -Edit Theme Style ] [ GO ] - Forum Logo

Upload your new logo into your ./images/ folder and change the "Forum Logo" setting.
Another Question. I put now a banner (750pixel length) into the Header. Usually it would be like depending on what resolution someone has on his Desktop how big it would be. Like with a 800 x 600 resolution, it would be almost the whole screen in that guys browser, if not already too much because of the Scrollbar.

How can I change the header that I could have a image left and right from the Banner, which kinda looks like the last outside pieces of the banner left and right. So it would appear that it is one full length banner but also would adapt to everyones resolution. This image would be only a very small width, 1pixel or some like that but would repeat itself so it would fill up the necessary space left and right from the banner, according to the sites resolution.

Also, since I am working on a Gaming Community Site, it would be great to have a kinda Link bar in the footer, you know a line of 88 x 31 Buttons that represent certain other Community Sites to which the Site of mine is related. Maybe aroud 8 of those little buttons next to each other in one line. Could that be implemented into the Footer, and if how ?

I would appreciate if someone would know how to do that Wink
Thank you.

background image for the logo or header div will do it

adding images to footer is easy...edit footer template...basic html knowledge required
labrocca Wrote:background image for the logo or header div will do it

So you mean with the background image repeating itself on and on, it would go left and right off the header banner and would do what I had in mind, right ?
ok super thx
thank you
Thank you[/align]

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