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[Image: logo.png]

Currently my little mini-project. I'm extremely known and reputable in the intangible goods market online and thus, I have decided to make something of my own. I hope to get some more traffic within this next coming week, however, that's one of my lacking areas; I suck at advertising and getting members.

The header was made by, x Raven x. Thanks again!

And there was a lot of help by compwhizii! I couldn't have fixed some of my stuff without your help, bud!

Just a little insight on one of my unique tweaks and ideas put to use.

Verified Usergroup is a subscription, when purchased it automatically puts you into the usergroup. This usergroup is the only user group who can warrant reputation points. Why did I do this? So there's a more meaningful tone for an actual rep point. Whereas, most sites just spill rep everywhere.

For users who are not Verified, they're welcome to create a Feedback thread where their business can leave comments on how it was conducted.

I'm open to all criticism. Fire away!
Any criticism?

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