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How would I go about changing the tag. The tags for this are pretty long and will be hard for members to remember. I tried to jsut change it myslef to MP3 but then it didn't work. So I obviously did something wrong! lol
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Most MP3 hosts get shut down fast. It's not even worth doing this. I had a cool mycode that worked for a couple months but once it was closed then I had all this non-working mycode all over the place. Just not worth it.
I have mp3 available on my forum.
Its just an old plugin that i use actually.
If you still want it let me know and i will try pull it out of the forum.
Should be easy. If i remember it was just 1 plugin file and a player by memory.

As you can see i made an upload script to deal with various file types.

[Image: 12556682603295_1.jpg]

And then the player itself.

[Image: 12556683838585_2.jpg]

Works a treat.
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