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Is there a plugin that allows members to upload MP3's to their posts. My forum is an art forum and we have a sound design section that I'd like to see members post some of their own music. I just don't know if there is already a plugin or if I would need to request one! I have looked around a bit but do not see any...
Why not just add mp3's to the list of acceptable files in the acp? Then they can attach them to posts.
Well that would work for now I suppose but I was curious if there was a way for them to basically upload them for people to listen to on the spot.
You could add a mp3 player mycode...but the mp3 files themselves would have to be hosted elsewhere.
Where can they find MP3 Hosts? Idk much about MP3's and the net obviously! lol
And where can I find the code for the player?
#6 is one host that I know of.

As for the code...
So basically they just need a file host to put the MP3 on and then the Player code will allow them to post the sound bit on their thread for others to listen to without DL?
That's Correct.
Mmk sweet I'll give this a shot! Thanks bro!!
#10 is a good place for MP3s
[Image: iphorumsig.php]

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