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Mybb Mood Mod
okay, this is embarrassing, but where EXACTLY do you put the line of code? I actually got everything else working, but I've been battling with this part! Any place I put it makes it so my forum shuts down and I have to undo it. Can you please copy and paste here the exact way it should look for 5 or 6 lines? I'd really appreciate it.
lol good point and not embarrassing at all. Where exactly is the "postbit_author_user template"?
Shouldn't you both start with learning the basics of the MyBB System ? Maybe the word "TEMPLATE" says enough to find the right place in your ACP ...
lol awesome code, with this mod, i could have an explination for why my members are angry some of the time Rolleyes
very very good!
Good idea, will u recode will AJAX? as vB
Not working. Can anyone help me? The image links to /moods/.gif
Select a mood. Then it will work.
You can also download the file below and upload it to /images/moods/
It will display a 1px*1px white box
thanks Tongue

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