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Contact Form
Hi, this is a great mod, however, I'm a total noob. Which contact link is this suppose to change?? It's suppose to be the one at the bottom which is next to the links to the main page, top of the page, content, etc. right?
Mine doesn't work, i don't understand why. I can type the address into my browser and the page will show up, only the link is messed. Do i need to refresh something or change a code somewhere? How do i fix this?

Here's my forum:
Here's the address:

Nevermind, I figured it out, I changed the footer template so that it linked to the page. I just wasn't sure if i should or not, there wasn't anything in the instructions and I'm a noob right so i don't know if it was implied or anything. Anyways, thanks, it's a great mod!
It should have done this on activation. Did you have the contact link removed in the template? Basically in admincp settings the contact email is simply replaced with contact.php. That's it.
No it wasn't removed, I didn't do anything, my settings in under contact in ACP are all filled, email address, guests can send messages, contact subjects, contact type is pm, and it goes to user 1. Btw, the contact subjects don't appear on the page, i get an empty drop down box, i'm not sure why.

Here's my site:

Hmm..did you get any errors on install? You might have 2 table settings for contact. Check with phpmyadmin and look in your mybb_settings table. Check to see if there is double entries for the contact group.
nope, i checked, there aren't any doubles and i didn't get any errors on install.
cool work..
Gonazar Wrote:nope, i checked, there aren't any doubles and i didn't get any errors on install.

Did you edit the contacts? They have to be in a certain format. You may have broken that. Can I get access to your admincp?
i don't think i really changed anything except address and pm. I didn't really see the mod say anything specific about the format of the list, besides commas. Here's a screen shot:

Less than 1 minute ago" />   
I see on your site the source code shows "array".

Try this contact.php goes in your mybb root.

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