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I don't know Aussie laws.
I don't see how a small hacking site would be targeted by anyone, the FBI only goes after the big fish, anyone else most likely wouldn't consider you worth the effort

But just be careful.

I have hosted an anime streaming website for 2 years, and have not even been touched.. although anime and hacking are 2 entirely different things, just figured id throw that out there.
Hmm, so Far I've put this:

Warez: Changed to Downloads and put: Only FREE Downloads that don't break any copyright are allowed here. Anybody publishing illegal and copyright breaking material is responsable for his publishment.

Hacking: Everything located in this section is for educational purposes only.

Should protect me while my community is small.
Oh yeah, and at footer I've put this:

The author of this site is not responsable for any content stored and publically open for members on this site. All the material about Hacking is for educational purposes only and is strongly prohibitten to use. In Downloads section only downloads that are legal and that aren't breaking any copyright are allowed. In case that some publisher publishes illegal or copyright breaking material he takes the responsability of the material published.

(A little bad English thought)
(Oct 18, 2009, 01:41 AM)labrocca Wrote: I don't know Aussie laws.

If i am correct, they are more anal to warez then the USA.
Also you will have to clean the download section if asked.
I would modify the ToS to include some extra protection to.
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Hmmm I can't find a way to modify ToS / Registration Rules.
I believe they are part of the language files.
From memory it's member.lang.php line 74 to 79.

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